Our factory boasts a decade of extensive and proven manufacturing experience.

Decade of Expertise
We bring decades of proven expertise to the table, showing a rich history of mastering the intricacies of industrial joystick manufacturing.
Unrivaled Reliability
We promise a lifetime warranty and continue to go deep into customer sites to help customers solve problems to our clients with dependable solutions they can trust.
Continuous Innovation
Our prowess in innovation is exemplified by our dedicated professional innovation team, tirelessly driving advancements in industrial joystick technology.

Product Solutions

Shanghai Chengong Electrical Control Co,Ltd. provides full smart watch OEM solutions, ideal for online sellers, corporate gifts, events, and ODM development projects.

reliable supplier

Deliver reliable and durable products isn’t easy, we work with world’s leading retailers and suppliers to ensure that.


Shanghai Chengong Electrical Control Co,Ltd.

  Shanghai ChenGong Electrical Control Technology Co.,Ltd, where precision meets innovation in the realm of industrial joysticks. With a rich history spanning over two decades, we are proud to be the leading manufacturer in China, delivering unparalleled quality, customization, and expertise to industries worldwide.

Customization Service

Application Range

Construction Machinery

PTZ system &Medical Equipment

Aerial Work Platform Equipment

Our factory

Discover our premium manufacturing center and the process of delivering smart watches to our customers.

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